Some Homeowner Tips!

Here are some of my favorite tips from “Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership”

#32. Use lemon juice or vinegar to keep grout, cement or plaster from roughing up your hands.

#34. When you need a wood filler to tighten a loose screw, use yellow carpenter’s glue with matchsticks, toothpicks or golf tees, packed in tightly.

#39. To clean up a paint spill on carpet: Cut two pieces of cardboard from a box and use the edges to corral the pool of paint and scoop the liquid back into the bucket. When most liquid has been cleared, get a bucket of fresh water and an empty bucket. Saturate the remaining spill with the clean water, then scrape and scoop it up with a fat spoon and put it in the empty bucket. Work fast and continuously, replenishing the clean water as necessary. Use a carpet cleaner to follow up; and keep the paint spot wet.